GuarDoc User Manual Guide

1. What Do I Need To Use GuarDoc

You Only Need A Device With Internet Connection and A Browser

With GuarDoc no additional software needs to be installed. Everything is online.

2. How Do I get Started

You Need To Be Registered In The GuarDoc System First

To do that you need to reach out to GuarDoc team at this address Contact@GuarDoc.Digital

3. What's the Next Step

Visit and Sign in.

With the username and password GuarDoc team has provided you.

4. How Do I Start Uploading My PDF Documents

After signing In Tap or Click on Add New Document

As you do that you’ll be taken to the uploading tab.

5. Uploading & Inserting the Details Relevant to the Document

Click on the ''Upload'' button to browse through your device to find the and upload the right document.

After that do the following: 


a) Select the appropriate “Business Sector” for you.


b) Choose the right “Template” for your document.


c) Choose the “Folder” where you want your document to be stored.


That’s it and click or tap on the ”Save and Add to the Blockchain”

And retrieving Documents is also very simple

It can be done in 3 ways.

a) By Scanning the QR code with any device associated with the uploaded document (that you receive as you upload the document).

b) Looking for the documents through the search option.

c) Another way to access your docs is through Folder Navigation System.
As you click on the ”Folders” icon you’ll be able to access your
documents. Just like in Windows or Mac

This is how Easy It is use GuarDoc

To start using GuarDoc please reach out to use through the form below.

Want to Try GuarDoc! Let's Talk.

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